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We have our own IT team who after a day and sorted out a critical problem, Nic responded quickly and had us up and running quickly plus with good recommendations on long-term backup solutions

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    Very professional, punctual


      we love Nic - he is just so great with our team and his friendliness and willingness to help in any situation s really appreciated!

      Clamber Club

        Nic was very punctual and worked very diligently to complete the tasks required. He kept me informed of what was required and also what he was doing. He is very knowledgeable around the subject matter and was able to answer any questions that I had.


          Nicholas was professional and helpful. He explained what he was doing and what I had to do in simple words. I am over 70 years old, and am not au fait with computers. He had patience with me.


            Nic kept at my problem until it was fixed. He always speaks politely and calmly. I was ready to throw my router out the window but he calmed me down and fixed the problem. Always professional.