Phone Numbers, Working Hours, and Ticketing System and After Hours Support


Please take note of the change to our contact details below to streamline processes. 

WhatsApp only number (WhatsApp calls and Messages).

078 757 0120


Phone calls only.

010 825 4345


Both these numbers will be available during working hours which are as follows:


Monday to Friday:

7:30am to 5pm



8:30am to 2pm


Any after hours support can be logged using either a ticket or an email.


The email address for after hours support is as follows:


This after hours support will be charged after hours rates. 


We have introduced a ticketing system. This will assist us in keeping track of all our jobs as well as any notes or sensitive information and to keep our business organised.


Please would you all log tickets for any support issue.

For this ticketing system, you are required to register. 

Registration Link:


Login Link:


You can also contact us through our website:


All Admin emails must be sent to